Why Mental Health is So Important?

Mental health is an important factor that allows for the necessary adjustment to deal with positive and negative emotions. Investing in strategies that enable the balance of mental functions is essential for a healthier social life.

In addition to being determinant for physical stability, mental health is related to the quality of individual and collective interaction. In the current scenario, looking for alternatives that allow harmony in these relationships is an urgent need.

If you are looking for measures that signal the promotion of mental health and the guarantee of fundamental rights associated with well-being and quality of life, keep reading.

The importance of mental health for well-being

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that the concept of health is much more comprehensive than the simple absence of disease. And, therefore, deserves attention in all its aspects. Like physics, mental health is an integral and complementary part of maintaining organic functions. Good mental status gives man the broad exercise of his social and citizenship rights.

It also ensures the conditions of social interaction for a more harmonious and safe family life. Thus, understanding the importance of mental stability and its intense relationship with well-being is fundamental. This makes it possible to understand the importance of using individual capacity to perceive the values and virtues inherent to the construction of the community.

Do you have a positive mental health?

People in good mental health can cope with stress reasonably well, make good decisions, work productively, enjoy positive personal relationships, and contribute significantly to their family and community.

You should not be ashamed to discuss your feelings with your doctor, case manager, or other members of your health care team. Your feelings are important and valid, and health care professionals should care about you and offer you respect.

Tips for good maintenance of mental functions

Now that you know the importance of mental, checks out some suggestions that can be useful to avoid mental maladjustments.

Try to relax a few minutes a day

Prioritizing attitudes to relieve stress is essential to lighten daily life and promote physical and mental balance. Care must be taken because the body’s defence can be impaired and open the door to some opportunistic diseases that arise from excessive stress.

In general, this is because your head is constantly occupied with thoughts and concerns. Such factors reduce the function of the body’s defence substances, and place the person in a vulnerable situation. Thus, it is necessary to look for ways to quiet the mind and relax a few moments during the day: meditation, stretching and reading a good book are excellent alternatives to let the mind rest and reach a stage of positivity.

Give attention to those in need

A reciprocal way of working to reduce the effects of mental problems is to try to give more attention to those in need. Take some time to talk to people. Spending more time with parents – or with children is essential to strengthening family ties. These are simple attitudes, but mutually beneficial and important to increase the feeling of usefulness among those involved.

Control Anxiety

Controlling anxiety is a big challenge. But it can be possible even in those very difficult situations. The first step in reaching this stage is to find your own way of facing the challenging moments that life poses before you. And also learn to control the negative emotions that result in insecurity in certain circumstances. Overcoming anxiety, therefore, requires an awareness of the need to adopt a different mental posture to be prepared when problems arise.

Get out of sameness   

Consider engaging in physical activity, individually or collectively, in a public park. Take the opportunity to observe the beauty of the flowers, the green of the leaves, the song of the birds, and the simplicity of the children who play there. Try to “clear” your thoughts and then focus your attention on positive things.

Try to know some social projects or volunteer programs. If this is not your thing, there are still countless options. Read a different book, learn to play a musical instrument, take dance lessons or something that piques your interest and enthusiasm for life.

Take care of sleep and food

A good night’s rest in a peaceful and comfortable environment can guarantee rest and relaxation of the body and mind. Human physiology imposes the need for regular sleep so that organic functions are correctly repaired.

Thus, taking care of sleep is a basic preventive action for mental health. Create conditions to ensure an adequate and restful sleep: hour’s necessary for your physical and mental recovery and soon you will notice the difference in your health.

Similarly, maintaining adequate eating habits also greatly influences the proper functioning of the mind. This is because many foods – mainly leafy vegetables and some fruits – contain essential elements to prevent maladjustments such as depression and mood disorders.

Train your mind in a positive way

Try to dominate your thoughts and lead them to something positive and that makes your trajectory even better. Habits, customs and choices define who you are and where you will arrive. Therefore, training the mind in a positive way is essential to overcome problems such as anxiety, sadness and frustration.

It is also worth highlighting the importance of respecting the rhythm of your mind. Each person has their peculiarities and limitations naturally determined by their own physiology. Be calm and try to adjust to these details.

Conclusion: Seek treatment if necessary!

The Government should promote education campaigns with the aim of sensitizing society as to the importance of the need for early treatment for mental health. Currently, there are alternatives to ensure the promotion of emotional and psychological stability for those who are looking for professional help. So, seek help as soon as possible and get to know the solutions that enable the promotion of mental and physical health, as well as the recovery of well-being and quality of life. Achieving good mental health ensures proper personal and professional life.

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