10 Best Reasons Why Breakfast is So Important

Food provides us with energy and nutrients: all essential for life. In this post, we will discuss the top 10 Best reasons Why Breakfast is So Important.

After 10 to 12 hours of fasting, you need energy and nutrients to carry out your daily activities.


Having less amount of nutrients and energy causes a massive loss of daily energy. If you don’t have a good breakfast, it is very difficult for you to cover your daily nutritional needs. But, why should you have breakfast?

What does a good breakfast consist of?

A good breakfast contributes 400 calories on average.

You can choose some of these foods to accompany your cereal: egg, milk, fresh cheese, avocado, light or 0% sugar jam, turkey ham, tomato lettuce or margarine, etc.

Great Benefits:

  • Improves physical and mental performance.
  • Helpful to shape your general body weight.
  • It improves behavior and concentration.
  • Improves productivity and performance in professional life.
  • It allows you to maintain good growth and development.

What should the ideal breakfast contain?

The primary nutrient is calcium, a mineral closely related to the quality of bone formation. That, if consumed correctly in the morning, guarantees 50% of the recommended daily values.

  • A portion of dairy products – milk, yogurt, cheeses – that provide protein and calcium.
  • A portion of carbohydrates – bread with seeds, whole grains, cookies with oats, bran, nuts or seeds
  • A fruit – whenever possible, fresh and in shell, also to provide more satiety.

Top 10 Reasons Why Breakfast is So Important in Daily Life

Here, we will read about the top 10 best reasons why breakfast is so Important.

1. The key to harmony

Not having proper breakfast leads to global obesity: one of the primary causes that require your attention. According to statistics, the metabolism of daily breakfast people is 3-4% faster than the average person.

And those who deny themselves this pleasure are 5-6% lower than the average. The reason is simple.

In addition to being overweight, this bust in the morning will come back to another nuisance – the so-called carbohydrate hangover: when you simply do not want to eat.

And, satisfied at best with a cup of coffee, you will rush into the abyss of daily affairs without the necessary supply of energy, amino acids, minerals, vitamins. So, is it not better to replace a full dinner with a healthy breakfast?

2. Heart and vascular health


As most nutritionists claim, morning calories never turn into fat, but are spent without a trace. In addition, it is breakfast that allows you to control the feeling of hunger during the day.

So, if you have breakfast with eggs, then you will remain full for a long time. And, as a result, you will eat less.

If you have breakfast with rice, buckwheat, or oatmeal, then during the day you will eat less fat and sweet.

Most studies claim that breakfast lowers platelets and cholesterol in the blood, which means they reduce the risk of heart disease.

3. The best helper for the brain

According to doctors, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and acts as a key to “start” the brain after several hours of sleep.

Morning meal is essential for your brain to better concentrate and remember information. Without consuming a healthy breakfast and a sufficient amount of nutrients, your brain will simply refuse to work. Or, will do its usual work two to three times slower than usual.

The brain requires only carbohydrates. Preferably “slow “ones, which leave a long feeling of satiety, do not dramatically increase the level of sugar in the blood, and also slowly decrease it.

4. Reliable stress shield

It is a kind of alarm clock that activates the state of alert of the human being so that it can face daily activities.

Breakfast, charging you with a sufficient amount of energy, minerals, and vitamins, helps to deal with the stresses that await you at every step. When it comes to intellectual performance and physical improvement, the benefits of daily consumption of breakfast is inevitable.

5. The best defender of immunity

Numerous studies have proven the importance of your intestinal micro flora in the formation of stable immunity.

It confirms that a proper breakfast containing a sufficient amount of pre – and probiotics, as well as fiber, helps your friendly microorganisms fight infection, and protect you from various diseases.

Scientists say that a person who is accustomed to having breakfast has a stronger immunity than people who refuse to eat a morning meal

Start your morning breakfast with a light meal: milk, oats and corn, fruits, and plenty of water.

6. Prevention of cholelithiasis

Long breaks between meals lead to the fact that bile in the bile ducts and bladder continues to thicken and stagnates itself.

It accumulates with the formation of sand and stones in the precipitate. That is why breakfast containing the minimum amount of fat is the best prevention of gallstone disease.

Timely breakfast relieves you from gastric problems, such as esophagus ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn disease, etc.

7. Alarm of your body

An amazing pattern – the sooner you have breakfast, the sooner your body will “wake up” and begin to work.

For example, if you leave for the office at 9 am and you don’t get enough time to do fifteen minutes of morning activities (yoga, stretch, and basic exercise), having breakfast earlier in the morning will create the “body clock”.

This means, you get up earlier, prepare breakfast, 15 minutes of exercise, and leave for the office.

8. The best way to cheer up

Nothing improves your mood in the morning like a delicious breakfast, the smell of fresh coffee and rolls.

Having a healthy morning meal tune your thoughts and energize your daily activities. Its regular consumption is associated with improvements in physical and intellectual performance.

And is considered a positive marker in the prevention of childhood obesity.

9. For concentration (Best Importance of Breakfast )

According to statistics, people who regularly eat breakfast are less likely to get into car accidents. And all because regular morning “recharging” of the brain allows you to better concentrate, increases vigilance and does not distract you from “rumbling” in the stomach.

10. The key to beauty and youth

A full breakfast provides us with all the necessary substances so that our body and skin, actively fights with the signs of ageing.

Skin needs basic nutrients to hold beauty and youth. Without consuming a healthy breakfast, our skin can face serious challenges, such as dullness, rashes, pores, aging, fine lines, wrinkles, black spots, dark circles, etc.

Conclusion for Why Breakfast is Important

If the problem is time, there are several strategies to solve it. Prepare the breakfast before you go to sleep.

You can make a natural fruit salad and mix it with a “light cream” made with spreadable cheese, sweetener, and vanilla essence.

Eat a toast in two minutes and drink a glass of milk. You can eat fruits, a bowl of milk mix with corn. There are various things you can do.

You can make the breakfast earlier, and preserve in the refrigerator. Just prepare it before leaving the house in the morning.

Follow these procedures accordingly and maintain your good health.

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