Importance of Yoga in Modern Life

Yoga is a world with a lot of information to explore. Yoga is about 5000 years old, being one of the oldest sciences, originating in ancient times. Considered a spiritual discipline, it contributes to the balance between body and mind, with the main objective of self-realization and a higher state of consciousness.

This consists of three components: Asana (postures), Pranayama (awareness of breathing), and Meditation.

  • Asana- It is a fact that your postures are often related to your feelings, and in this practice you seek to strengthen, purify and balance your physiology.
  • Pranayama– It consists of developing awareness of your breathing and intentional regulation of it. Calm and controlled breathing relaxes the body, oxygenates the blood and provides a decrease in your stress and anxiety.
  • Meditation- the positions channel energy, with the ultimate goal of preparing the body for meditation, contributing to a greater mind-body connection.

The truth is that, Yoga combines flexibility, strength, deep breathing and meditation: having a positive impact on your physical health. At the same time, the psychological impact is also visible. Nowadays, it is known that this practice has a positive influence related to depression, stress reduction, anxiety and insomnia.

It is no coincidence that Yoga is so fashionable and despite all these benefits there are several types of yoga. Yoga is for everyone and there are several different types, depending on what each one wants.

Advantages of Yoga in modern life

Yoga emerged as a philosophy of life. This does not mean that the practice is not currently considered a path to follow, but it is possible to notice a series of changes undergone. There are those who really embrace it as a true ideology.

Others, only as a method of physical activities that can contribute to well-being, and there are several benefits of yoga. Here are the benefits of yoga in modern life:

Stress reduction

For yoga practitioners, the relief of the condition can be seen in the first few classes. The concentration required during practice, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditations are some of those responsible for reducing the problem. In this way, yoga becomes more than a physical activity in the lives of its followers.

Thus, the adrenal glands will start to function better, reducing the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the bloodstream. A few minutes of meditation is essential to connect the body and the mind, which will bring good energy and help in your routine.

Increased concentration

Yoga is able to improve power of concentration, both in relation to mental issues as well as body control itself. This is because this activity requires a lot of attention in breathing and performing postures, avoiding distraction around random thoughts.

The interesting thing is that concentration increases not only during classes, but in any act to be performed, be it activity at work, be it study, or any other physical activity. There are, however, some exercises that can help in this matter.

They are pranayamas (concentration exercises), which help to maintain correct breathing; track (meditation practice); Surya Namaskar (greeting to the sun); dhanurasana (bow position); and Sarvangasana (candle posture).

Raising the level of self-acceptance

The practice of yoga encourages you to understand yourself better, not judging yourself and those around you. With the activity, you adopt your pace, understand your limits and increase your level of self – acceptance.

Memory boost

Your body also starts to respond positively to yoga stimuli, as it causes an improvement in blood circulation. This provides better functioning of the brain and an increase in its memory capacity, a skill that is fundamental.

Weight loss aid

As the relaxation provided by yoga reduces stress and anxiety, factors that are also responsible for excessive and compulsive eating, regular practice can help with weight loss. With practice, some organs, such as the liver, gain more vital forces and perform all their functions correctly. Remember that the liver is responsible for detoxifying the body and purifying the blood, improving the entire circulatory system.

Fighting depression and panic syndrome

Also by reducing stress and anxiety, yoga helps a lot in the recovery process. By working the mind a lot, the activity directly increases the production and release of neurotransmitters in the nervous system, causing a feeling of relaxation, pleasure and well-being, which is associated with the treatment of depression and panic syndrome.

Promotion of sexual performance and quality of sleep

The improvement in blood circulation, due to the strengthening of the vessels and the blood renewal, mainly in the inverted positions, results in a better sexual performance.

The relaxation and stress reduction provided by yoga can help you sleep better. You can choose when to perform the movements yourself – in the morning or at night – but the idea is to have a calm mind to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Muscle strengthening

Muscles are very important for the body. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to do any day-to-day task, like carrying a bag or climbing a ladder. Your exercises not only work with stretching muscles and flexibility, but also increase your strength. So, anyone who wants to “tone” the region can find yoga a great option.

Conclusion: How to practice at home?

Children, young people, adults, the elderly, and even pregnant women can practice yoga if there is no impending health problem. In the case of a pregnant woman, however, the endorsement of a doctor is extremely important. In addition to being an activity possibility for all ages, the practice can happen anywhere and at any time of your day.

Do not give up the benefits of yoga for lack of time. Yoga is accepted worldwide as the medium of living a healthy life. America, China, and Russia, Australia, European countries, and other Asiatic nations: all have greatly admired the blessings of Yoga. It is why, on 21st June of every year, the world celebrates the “YOGA DAY“. It is always better to train under a professional yoga trainer, either physical or online. You must maintain a healthy and balanced diet to get maximum effects. Yoga is a blessing: so, think of it.

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