Top 9 Best Fitness Band under 3000 in India 2021

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Health problems like diabetes, blood pressure has become a nationwide concern. Life has become a rat-race and everyone is busy in their career. According to the new census, the problematic lifestyle has led even the youngsters to suffer from major diseases.

More and more people are becoming concerned about various health issues. People are now adding yoga, cycling, gyming, and other fitness regimes in their day to day regimes. Keeping a track of your fitness activities has become with the help of the best fitness tracker.

The smart bands are easily available in the market and help you to keep a track of your daily calorie burn, walking, monitoring the heart, distance traveled through walking, and your blood pressure.

Best Fitness Band under 3000 in India

 ImageFitness Band WarrantyPrice
Mi-Smart-Band 4-IndiaMi Smart Band 4 1 YearBuy From Amazon
HONOR Band 5 (Midnight-Navy)HONOR Band 5 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Realme-Budget-BandRealme Band 1 YearBuy From Amazon
MevoFit Echo-Swim Swimming-Fitness-BandMevoFit Echo 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Fastrack-Reflex-2.0-IndiaFastrack Reflex 2.0 1 YearBuy From Amazon
MevoFit DriveMevoFit Drive 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Huawei Band 4 indiaHuawei Band 4 1 YearBuy From Amazon
HONOR Band 5i Band-in India-3000HONOR Band 5i 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Zebronics Zeb-Fit 450 Fitness BandZebronics Zeb-Fit 450 1 YearBuy From Amazon

We have brought you a list of Best fitness band under 3000 in India which suits your needs and fits in your budget.

1. Mi Smart Band 4 – India’s No.1 Fitness Band under 3000


Best fitness band under 3000 in India, Mi Smart Band 4 is a promising fitness tracker that comes in a pocket-friendly budget.

This Budget fitness band under 3000, comes with many new features like full-color AMOLED touch display with adjustable brightness and water-resistant features.

The watch is also provided with many pre-installed themes and you can customize from these as per your requirement.

The watch is aided with 20-day long battery life and water-resistant technology. These features make the band the best fitness tracker.

The band has a centralized home button for easy navigation and controlling the system. Apart from this, the watch has a 0.95 inches 240 x 120 pixels colorful AMOLED display with a touch screen.

It’s quite easy to read the text messages outside and inside as the watch is provided with a bright display.

The Mi Band 4 is your best partner for swimming as it has 5ATM water-resistant rating. You can use this fitness tracker without anyworries in

rain, splashing, showering, or any other outdoor activities.

It is also aided with a PPG heart rate sensor which helps you to monitor your heartbeat continuously. You can easily count your daily calorie balance, step count, distance covered with many other features. Some other valuable features added in the band are a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor.


  • Waterproofing technology is very good.
  • Dependable and long battery.
  • AMOLED screen display.
  • Apps to monitor sleep and heartbeat rate.
  • Multiple workout modes.
  • 20-day long battery life.
  • Swimming stroke tracker.
  • Many workout modes.
  • Remote camera control.
  • Sleep Monitor and heartbeat monitor.
  • Feathery in weight with a packed design.
  • Helps to check the oxygen level in the body.
  • Limited watch faces as compared to its competitors.
  • Camera controls work with limited mobile brands.
  • No proper sleep tracker.

2. HONOR Band 5 (Best fitness band under 3000 in India)

The next position in the list of best fitness bands in India 3000 is occupied by Honor Band 5.

The band is famous for its stylish design and build quality. The band has a display screen of 0.95 inches with an AMOLED display.

The best budget fitness tracker is provided with an  SPO2 detector. This feature helps you to keep a check on the oxygen level in your body.

A home button present on the band helps you manage all its features without connecting with the smartphone.

Optical HR Sensor with a PPG technology helps to measure your heart rate and oxygen level with a higher accuracy level.

The clip-on mechanism present on the watch helps to securely lock the watch so the chances of losing the watch decrease tremendously.

The band can detect your sleep patterns so that it can accurately monitor your sleep patterns.

6-axis accelerometer helps you to monitor all the activities like running, cycling, calorie burn, and sleep cycle most accurately.


  • AMOLED display screen.
  • Clip-on technology.
  • 6 axis-accelerometer.
  • SPO2 detector.
  • PG sensor to accurately measure heart rate.
  • Supports multiple watch faces.
  • Battery backup of 14 days.
  • TruSleep feature which accurately measures your sleeping patterns.
  • TruSeen, which helps to monitor your heart rate.
  • Toggle between features like an alarm clock, stopwatch, or your phone.
  • Water-resistant up to 50m depth of water.
  • No multiple alarms.
  • No reminder option.
  • Limited watch features.

3. Realme Band


The band has given a tough competition to its competitors with a price of below Rs. 1500.

The ‘Realme Link’ app helps you to connect your phone with the best fitness tracker. It gives you notifications about your Whatsapp, Gmail, SMS on your wrist.

The band comes with a battery life of 10 days after fully charged up. The battery life decreases with frequent use of all the features.

The fitness band also allows you to choose any dial face of your choice and change the outlook of your wristband.

You can directly charge the fitness band with an inbuilt USB port.


  • Easily connects with the phone.
  • 10 days long battery life.
  • Stylish dial faces
  • Multiple watches face.
  • Inbuilt USB port.
  • Awesome color displays.
  • The sleep tracking facility is very good.
  • A feasible alternative to many brands.
  • Firmware updating is required as the screen is not visible in the bright sunlight.

4. MevoFit Echo Swimming Fitness Band

MevoFit Echo Swimming Fitness Band occupies the fourth position in the list of fitness bands under 3000. The band is the best companion for swimming lovers.

It comes in three modes designed specifically for sports lovers. The three modes are walking, hiking, and running. You can easily toggle between all the modes as per your choice.

The watch is quite tenacious and durable and has a special inbuilt SWIM mode. The mode helps you to keep a track of your BP, heart rate, and body temperature during swimming.

Apart from this, the trackers are equipped with advanced technology to check the oxygen level of your body, sleep patterns, and monitor your heart rate.

The Best Fitness Band under 3000 in India 2021 has an in-built SWIM mode, that informs you about the weather forecast and helps you to manage your schedule accordingly.

The band has an awesome Color display and gesture mode which helps you to manage all the controls of the system efficiently. It is also equipped with a large fitness tracker monitor to efficiently manage the vital organs of your body.


  • Three different sports mode.
  • Special modes for extreme sports lovers.
  • 5-ATM waterproof system.
  • LED display of 0.79 inches.
  • Protection from IP67
  • Adds to your style statement.
  • A perfect companion for people who love swimming.
  • SWIM mode can manage daily activities easily.
  • Waterproof.
  • Awesome pedometer.
  • The display doesn’t work properly in the sunshine
  • Apps need improvement
  • Battery dies soon if all the apps are used continuously.

5. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Unisex Activity Tracker

Next in the list of Budget fitness band under 3000 in India is Fastrack Reflex. The band can help you to monitor your fitness activities like tracking, cycling, distance covered, and many more.

The best budget fitness tracker also helps you to keep track of your daily activities like sleeping, distance traveled, etc.

It also has inbuilt reminders and alarms, which help you to remind you about your daily activities and helps you to keep fit.

Don’t forget to connect your phone with your mobile and never miss important calls, messages, or any important reminders.

The band is also water-resistant and can be your best companion in the gym or swimming pool.

The control features are also very good and can help you to get a perfect selfie while sweating in the gym or outside.

The band takes near about 4 hours to get fully charged and lasts up to 10 days if all the features are not used.

The display screen is an OLED display, that helps you to manage all the controls and keep a track of all your physical activities.


  • Bluetooth range of 10m.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • OLED display screen
  • Waterproof technology
  • Easy connectivity with phones.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Good camera controls.
  • A good alarm and reminder system.
  • Monitor for keeping a track of your sleep patterns.
  • Alerts for SMS and calls.
  • The display is very poor under the sun
  • Many apps need to be updated.
  • Music controls and volume control are not good.
  • Not suitable for very deep swimming.

6. MevoFit Drive Fitness Band for Men


MevoFit Drive Fitness Band for Men is one of the most stylish fitness bands as it is available in seven different colors. You can choose any color which suits your style.

This is the best fitness band under 3000 helps you to keep track of all your daily activities like walking, climbing on steps, and calories burnt.

The band once connected helps you to keep a track of the Gmail, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

The fitness tracker not only aids in your style statement but reminds of you about your daily activities. It creates alerts and reminders for distance and steps to keep you healthy.

The band is aided with a 75mAh battery which gives a battery life of 20 days after a complete charging. It gets fully charged in 2 hours.

You can easily operate and manage all its functions as the band has a 0.79 inches LED display.

IP67 technology makes the band water-resistant for about a depth of  50m. The band is your best mate for gyming and swimming and helps you to keep track of your activities and calories burnt.


  • Gets fully charged in 2 hours.
  • LED display screen of 0.79 inches
  • Alerts and reminders.
  • 20-day backup.
  • 75 mAh battery.
  • Long-life battery.
  • Stylish color band.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Inbuilt alarms and reminders.
  • The display is not good in sunlight and the firmware needs an improvement.
  • If all the apps are used continuously battery dies soon.

7. Huawei Band 4

Huawei Band 4 occupies the seventh position on the list of Best fitness bands in India 3000. The band has an AMOLED touchscreen display with a resolution of 240×120 pixels.

The best budget fitness band is equipped with eleven sports mode. The modes are well designed to help you track your activities like running, tracking, cycling, and many more.

The fitness tracker has a 5 ATM waterproofing system that helps you to complete your daily activities like swimming, gyming without any difficulties, and keep a track of these activities.

The band also has an inbuilt GPS which helps you to keep a track of your passage without checking your mobile.

It also keeps you updated about all your meetings and family celebrations with inbuilt reminders. The alarm system is also good and helps you to manage your daily activities on time.

The band also has an NFC module which aids in contactless payments along with travel and pass functions.

A pill-shaped button is placed at the bottom of the watch which helps you to manage the user interface. Apart from this, the company provides you a gallery of a hundred different dial-up menu from which you can select and manage your band.

Once completely charged up, the battery can last for 12 days. The band is available in different colors like pink, golden, black, and red. You can choose any band of your choice which suits your style statement.


  • Light in weight.
  • Unique and stylish design.
  • 5 ATM waterproof technology.
  • NFC module for contactless payments.
  • 12 days battery backup.
  • Helps in contactless payments.
  • Eleven different sports mode.
  • Good waterproofing system.
  • Easily tracks all your activities.
  • Monitor your heart 24/7.
  • App integration is difficult as the band is made by a Chinese company.

8. HONOR Fitness Band 5i

The economical HONOR Fitness Band 5i is the next on the list of Best fitness band under 3000.  The fitness band is stylish like the HONOR Band but comes with an additional TFT display.

It is your best companion for swimming as it has an inbuilt technology of 5 ATM. The technology makes the band sweatproof and waterproof.

The band has an 0.95 AMOLED display screen which helps you to manage all the controls with ease. The large screen makes it quite easy to read all the alerts and notifications on the tracker.

The best fitness tracker is equipped with a six-axis sensor which can detect four different swimming style. The four swimming styles are freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstock. You can keep a record of your SWOLF score, swimming speed, and calories easily with this tracker.

AI aided precision technology helps you to get an accurate rate of your heart rate and oxygen levels. It keeps a better record of your sleep patterns.

The band supports nine different sports modes like cycling, walking, hiking, and many more.

The band has a battery of 91 mAh which once charged up can last up to seven days once fully charged. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge the band.

It is made with a TrueSeen 3.0 heart monitor which gives you the most accurate reading of your heartbeat. Apart from this SPO2 monitor helps to regularly check oxygen levels in your body during the workout.


  • AMOLED display screen of 0.95 inches.
  • Handy and easily managed features.
  • 91 mAh battery
  • TrueSeen 3.0 to monitor your heart.
  • Many sports modes.
  • SWOLF score recorder
  • Additional TFT display
  • Swim stroke style track.
  • Most accurate apps to keep a track of your heartbeat rate and oxygen levels.
  • Various workout modes.
  • Good camera controls.
  • AMOLED touchscreen.
  • Various watch faces.
  • App notifications.
  • No alarms.
  • Less number of watch faces.

9. Zebronics Zeb-Fit 450 Fitness Band


The last but not the least is Zebronics Zeb-Fit 450 Fitness Band on the list of Best fitness band in India 3000. The band is light in weight with easy music controls.

Budget fitness band under 3000 has an inbuilt sleep mode detector which keeps a track of your sleep patterns. The OELD display screen helps you to easily manage the controls.

After connecting with your phone you can easily manage all the notifications, calls, and SMS on your tracker.

It has an internal battery of 71 mAh. It gets fully charged in 1.5 to 2 hours and once charged it can be used for 7 days.

Other than that the tracker has inbuilt applications like pedometer and TrueSleep which helps to keep a track of the sleep and exercise regime.

The fitness band doesn’t have a very good waterproof technology and is not advisable for sports activities and swimming.

It has features like CallerID to see the person calling you or Find Phone which helps you to locate your phone easily if misplaced. The Camera controls are also good and are a perfect gadget to click selfies during workouts.


  • Pedometer and TrueSleep.
  • Caller ID feature to identify caller
  • 71 mAh battery.
  • 7 days battery backup.
  • OLED display screen.
  • The camera controls are awesome.
  • Easily records the sleep patterns and calorie burnt.
  • 2.3 cm OLED display screen
  • Creates alerts for SMS and calls.
  • Can help you to locate your misplaced phone if connected.
  • Not ideal for swimming.
  • Battery life is poor.
  • Apps disconnect easily and do not keep a proper record.

Buyer’s Guide of Best Fitness Band under 3000 in India

what is the benefit of using a Fitness Tracker

Track your daily activities with the help of a fitness tracker.

Sedentary reminders for a daily short walk and water intake.

Update on your weight change and motivate you to maintain weight change.

Keeps a track of your sleep pattern and aids you to improve your sleep pattern.

Monitors your heart activities and creates alerts if the situation arises.

Helps to compete against a better version of yours.

How does fitness band work?

The internal working of each band depends on its brand. Every brand has a different working mechanism but they aim at doing only one thing, i.e keeping a track of your body and activities.

The trackers in the market save your daily data regarding your body and sync it into your mobile phones through Bluetooth.

A fitness tracker checks your daily temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, sweat level, and many more. They have inbuilt sensors to monitor your body.

What you look, when you buy a new fitness band?

Before buying the product, check if the following sensors are present on your fitness band

1 Accelerometer: The body monitors your body from all the sides, front back or sideways.

2. Gyroscope: The sensor automatically detects your position like standing, sitting, or swimming and counts calories burnt accordingly.

3. Barometer: It is a sensor designed to measure the altitude you are currently present and the number of stairs climbed by you in a day.

4. Monitor for heart rate: It measures your heartbeat and monitor your blood pressure. It creates alert if the heartbeat is not normal.

5. Magnetometer: It keeps a check of the direction you are moving or any change in direction while you are walking.

These sensors work together to keep a track of your body activities and keep a record of your health.

Conclusion of Best Fitness Band under 3000

So, we finally conclude our list of Best fitness band under 3000 in India according to various features. While buying these trackers’ budget is not the only key factors you should keep in mind the features that are offered by these trackers.

The various features which you can consider are battery backup, screen display, sports mode, TrueSeen, TrueSleep, and many more. These features will sharply analyze your body and provide you an updated and accurate report about your body after correct analysis.

The best fitness tracker works on various modes and has inbuilt dial modes that give a stylish look to your tracker. The fitness tracker is your best companion in these modern times, which helps you to reduce your stress levels.

If due to stress your heartbeat increases or oxygen level decreases the app will automatically detect that and generate an alarm.

Trackers have an inbuilt reminder facility that reminds you to work out daily and burn the extra calories which are taken by you. 

Apart from this before buying any Fitness tracker first thing you should check is that if this tracker is compatible with your mobile phone or not.

We hope that we have covered all the best trackers on our list. Do leave your comments if find any other Fitness tracker could fit in this list.

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