Top 9 Best Fitness Tracker in India 2021

21st Century is the age of technology and today we are going to check the list of Best fitness tracker in India 2021. People in the past decade have seen a revolution in the gadgets which are worn on the wrist. People are becoming more and more aware of fitness and health.

More and more people in India are buying the best fitness tracker to keep a daily check about their health and fitness. The gadgets are light to wear and their senses keep a track of your body completely.


The inbuilt reminders and alerts help to keep a check of your health in this hectic busy life. It helps to keep a track of the distance covered by you, the oxygen level in the body, heart rate, and many more.

About Fitness Tracker Industry

According to research conducted in the market in 2019, the fitness tracker market is estimated to be $17,907 million.

Fitness trackers are your best companions during a workout. They keep a track of your body temperature, calories burnt accurately. They keep a record of your data and automatically sync it in your smartphones. You can motivate yourself from this analysis whenever the need arises.

They give details of daily exercise routine and the calories burnt during the workout. It saves a lot of time and effort and keeps you updated about your schedule.

Best Fitness Tracker in India

 Image Fitness Tracker WarrantyPrice
Fitbit Inspire Health and Fitness Fitbit Inspire 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Garmin Vívofit 4 Fitness Tracking WatchGarmin Vivofit 4 1 YearBuy From Amazon
GOQii-Vital-3.0-Body-Temperature-TrackerGOQii Vital 3.0 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Noise-ColorFit-2-Smart-Fitness-BandNoise ColorFit 2 1 YearBuy From Amazon
OPTA-RSB-152OPTA RSB-152 6 MonthsBuy From Amazon
Fitplus-FP09-Fitness-TrackerFitplus FP09 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Fitbit-Charge-3-Fitness-Activity-TrackerFitbit Charge 3 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Mi Smart Band 4Mi Smart Band 4 1 YearBuy From Amazon
Realme BandRealme Band 1 YearBuy From Amazon

The link to buy these bands will be given at the end of each topic and a proper buyer’s guide has been included at the end of this topic.

Let’s have a look at the best fitness tracker watch in India:-

1. Fitbit Inspire Health and Fitness Tracker in India


The first position in the list of Best fitness tracker in India is occupied by Fitbit Inspire health. The name Fitbit is a synonym to style icon. The band is not only stylish but is also non-bulky.

The band comes to a grey screen AMOLED screen, center control touch button which makes it easy to manage all its features. The screen works perfectly fine even in bright sunshine.

The band is equipped with a hard rubber strap and makes it durable during extreme sports. The band is designed for adults, so it won’t fit properly on thin wrists.

After charging for 2 hours the battery can last for seven days. The battery is a Lithium-polonium battery which will last for a long time.

The best wearable fitness tracker comes with different sports modes like running, walking, yoga, hiking, cycling, and many more. The band is water-resistant and comes with a swim mode.

The band has inbuilt sensors to detect the heart rate, oxygen level, calorie burnt, and many more.


  • 15+ fitness, different sports mode present to monitor your body activities.
  • Bluetooth syncing.
  • 7-day battery backup.
  • Compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android.
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meter.
  • 24*7 heart track system.
  • Guiding coaches are also available.
  • Dedicated female health section for active women.
  • Notifications for emails, SMS, and social media notifications.
  • Sedentary reminders.
  • Battery life is very good.
  • The large display is available.
  • Alerts and notifications for calls.
  • Blood oxygen level monitoring.
  • Waterproof and sweatproof.
  • Monitors sleep patterns.
  • Gorilla glass screen to prevent damage to the screen.
  • Music Storage facility absent.
  • NFC support is available in some versions only.
  • In-built GPS is absent.
  • Monochrome screen.

2. Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracker


The next position on the list is occupied by the Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracker. The best fitness tracker comes with a silicone strap and gives an overall cool and attractive look.

The metallic paint gives an overall appealing visual appearance to the device. The band is quite light in weight and can be worn for longer time durations.

The band can be used in extreme outdoor sports too as it gives a clear vision in bright sunlight. The display screen is a 0.35 inch IPS display with proper color effects.

Although the display screen is of small size, the fonts, and icons are of readable size. You can easily read all the information with a single glance.

The device uses a backlight technology, that helps to save the battery and can be used for a longer duration.

The band is not suitable for people with a heart problem as it does not have any sensor to detect your heart rate. The band has a sensor to monitor your sleep pattern and step count.

It is equipped with a movable IQ feature that detects your sports activity. The best wearable fitness tracker automatically adjusts its sports mode and tracks your activity properly. It keeps a record of your calorie burnt and generates sedentary reminders.


  • 1’’ touch screen.
  • Multi workout mode.
  • IS compatible with iOS and Android.
  • 5 Atm technology.
  • 5-6 days battery backup.
  • Light Sensor.
  • SPo2 Sensor.
  • Optical heart rate sensor.
  • Accelerometer.
  • Generates alerts for SMS, Calls, and social media updates.
  • Small and slim design.
  • Accurately measures the sleep patterns and Oxygen levels.
  • Automatically detects the activity level and changes the sports mode.
  • Always on a color display.
  • Interchangeable straps.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Small display.
  • The design needs improvement.

3. GOQii Vital 3.0 Fitness Tracker in India under 4000

The next position in the list of Best fitness tracker in India is occupied by GOQii Vital. The band is owned by a California owned company and is manufactured in China.

Akshay Kumar is the brand ambassador for this fitness band and regular updates about the band’s features on his social media account.

The best feature about the band is its 3-month subscription for doctors and coaches. They guide you for workout routine and email about the diet and healthy lifestyle.

Apart from this, it keeps you updated about the calls, SMS, and social media notifications. It also has a cloud on which you can store the medical reports and medicines lists of your family members.

The best fitness tracker comes with a special inbuilt ecosystem to keep you updated about coaches, doctors, and health vault. Apart from this, it comes to a Karma feature that adds points whenever you associate yourself with a social cause.

The band also has an inbuilt health store from where you can buy premium quality health products at a reasonable price. The products are from health food brands all over the country.


  • 24*7 heart rate Monitor.
  • 10 days battery backup.
  • Gives your vouchers on meeting the fitness goals.
  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • Tracks your body temperature continuously.
  • Inbuilt music system to motivate you during the workout.
  • 4 different sports mode.
  • Troubleshooting facility 24/7.
  • The best facility is the 3-month coach and doctor subscription.
  • Monitor your heart rate all the time.
  • The frame is made from Carbon fiber.
  • Fitness coach videos are easily accessible and give you good health tips.
  • Phone notifications for Calls, SMS, and many more.
  • Sedentary reminders for the workout.
  • Vouchers for meeting fitness goals.
  • Only 4 different sports mode.
  • Does not connect with iPhone 11.
  • Costly according to its features.
  • The touch screen is slow.
  • Blood pressure measurement is not accurate.

4. Noise ColorFit 2 Activity Tracker in India

Noise ColorFit2 Tracker comes next on the list of best fitness tracker watch in India. The stylish band is specifically designed for the talkative and the modern woman.

The band comes with a square touchscreen and right side button to manage and navigate the menu of the tracker. You can choose between black, teal green, and mist grey colors band color based on your style statement.

Silicon has been used to design the strap of the band so that it can be worn on the wrist for a long duration. The band uses LCD technology, which is supported by a Lithium-Polonium battery. The band is quite light in weight and is of sleek design.

The best part of the band is that it is specifically designed for women to track their menstrual cycles. It connects with Bluetooth and syncs all the information in your mobiles from where you can easily access it. Apart from this it also generates notifications for email, SMS, Calls, and many more.

It comes with 14 different sports modes and can be used during cycling, yoga, hiking, gyming, etc. It uses water-resistant technology, which makes it your perfect partner during water sports and extreme workout.

The best fitness tracker comes with a plethora of features which makes it a perfect partner for women to keep a track of their health issues.


  • LCD screen.
  • It keeps track of the female menstrual cycle.
  • 14 different sports mode according to your need.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Improved display.
  • Notifications for calls, SMS, and many more.
  • Tracks your heart rate, sleep rate, and step count 24*7.
  • 3 days of battery backup.
  • Vibration alarm.
  • Tracks sleep patterns.
  • Keep a track of the female cycle.
  • Remote camera controls.
  • Various sports modes.
  • The touch screen is better than its competitors.
  • Strap durability is poor.
  • The display does not work properly in bright sunlight.
  • No music control.
  • Connecting USB and disconnecting is difficult.

5. OPTA RSB-152 Best Budget Fitness Tracker

The next position on the list of Best fitness tracker in India is occupied by OPTA RSB-152. Opta is a very popular established brand, having a good hold over the Indian market.

The rectangular shape tracker comes with a black strap. The band has a Lithium-ion battery which can be charged with a USB cable. The battery gets fully charged in 2 hours and can last for 4-5 days without using all the features.

The best budget fitness tracker comes with two sensors Accelerometer and Gyroscope. The band uses its sensors to measure heart rate Blood pressure. Apart from this, the band also keeps a track of your mileage, pace, and altitude with the help of its trackers.

It comes with a 90mAh battery which can be charged with a USB charger. The band does not have a touch screen but has a center button to control its functions. The band has a 64X32 pixel display screen.

Apart from this band has three faces to check your calorie count, pedometer, and monitor your heart. Once synced with your smartphone through Bluetooth the band can give you notifications regarding the SMS, calls, and many more.


  • Can monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • 1.14 TFT color screen.
  • Alerts for Calls, SMS, and social media.
  • Sedentary reminders for water intake to maintain the water level in your body.
  • Multiple sports mode according to your need.
  • ECG and heart rate monitor.
  • Alerts and reminders are good.
  • Remote camera control helps you take the perfect selfie.
  • Various sports modes.
  • Water-resistant and sweatproof.
  • Battery drains out fast.
  • The display screen does not work in sunlight.
  • Costly as compared to its competitors and with fewer features.

6. Fitplus FP09 Tracker

Next on the list of best wearable fitness tracker is the Fit plus FP09 Fitness tracker. The band is both stylish and pocket friendly. The band is compatible with both Android and IOS system.

The best part about the band is the 3 months Dietitians and Fitness subscription given free by the company. The trainers are certified and make a personalized plan for you as per your requirement.

The band can be easily charged through the USB port and has an inbuilt Lithium-ion battery. The band has 14 different sports mode to work according to your needs.

Apart from this, it can easily monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, and blood pressure.

It is your 24X7 health buddy. The best fitness tracker watch in India comes with sedentary reminders and alerts to keep yourself healthy and take breaks whenever the need arises.

The band comes with various sports modes like skipping, treadmill, badminton, running, brisk walking, and many more. It keeps track of your step count, distance traveled and calories burnt.


  • It can monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Provides a 3-month subscription for personal dietitians and trainers.
  • Video session for workouts.
  • 0.96 inch OLED display screen and TFT display screen.
  • Water-Proof and sweat-resistant.
  • Various Sports mode, which matches your every activity like skipping, tennis and many more.
  • 24-hour monitor sensor.
  • Alerts for calls, SMS, and social media notifications.
  • Sedentary reminders to take a break and take water regularly.
  • Tracks your sleep patterns.
  • Accurate measurement of heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Many different and unique sports modes.
  • Notifications for calls, SMS, and social media.
  • Can be used in sports activities and extreme sports.
  • Free 3 month personal training from certified trainers and dietitians.
  • The screen is not visible in sunlight.
  • It is a China-made product.
  • The step count is not correct.

7. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

The next position in the list of Best fitness tracker in India is occupied by the Fitbit charge 3. The band is stylish, non-bulky, and pocket friendly. Minimal design makes it easy to use.

The AMOLED display screen used makes the screen easy to operate and use even in bright sunlight. Rubber band makes the band durable and makes it your best companion during rough conditions.

The band comes with many inbuilt sensors which makes it easy to operate the band and track all your activities. It monitors your heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep patterns 24X7.

It comes with 15 different sports modes like cycling, gyming, hiking, and many more to adjust to your daily activities.

Apart from this, the band is water-resistant, so you can use it during the sports activities and extreme workouts.

It comes with an inbuilt GPS and Bluetooth to sync data on your mobile and connect directly with it.

You can receive notifications regarding calls, SMS, and many more on the best wearable fitness tracker.

The tracker uses a Lithium-Polonium battery which makes it last for seven days after a single day charge.


  • SPO2 sensor.
  • Alerts and reminders.
  • 3-axis accelerometer.
  • Cashless transactions through NFC.
  • IP waterproof technology.
  • OLED display screen of 1.57″.
  • 7 days of battery backup.
  • Stylish and lightweight design.
  • 24*7 heart rate and sleep monitor.
  • 15 different sports modes to suit your needs.
  • The display is large enough to read anything.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Coaching for exercise properly.
  • Water-resistance is good.
  • Cardio tracking is done in real-time.
  • Monochrome screen.
  • Strap quality is not good.
  • No onboard GPS.

8. Mi Smart Band 4


Next on the list of best fitness tracker watch in India is Mi Smart Band 4. The pocket-friendly band is unique and stylish in design. The band comes with all the features you are looking for.

The band comes with an AMOLED display screen which makes it easy to manage all its features in bright sunlight. Soft rubber has been used to make the strap which makes it suitable to be worn without causing any skin irritation.

Use the band during outside sports activities, swimming, or extreme workout without any tension. The band is both waterproof and sweatproof and the strap is also durable and can last for quite a long time.

The sensors are active 24X7 to measure your heart rate, metabolism rate, calories burnt, and many more. The sensors are quite accurate and give you a daily update about your step count, blood pressure, calories burnt, and many more.

The best budget fitness tracker also comes with music control and camera control features. You can adjust your music and volume level using the band.


  • 20 days battery backup.
  • Colored OLED display screen.
  • Sensors work quite accurately.
  • 24/7 monitoring your heart rate, oxygen levels, step count, calories burnt, and many more.
  • Water-resistant technology.
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and heart rate sensor.
  • Inbuilt media controls.
  • Unlimited watch faces suiting your style.
  • Notifications for calls, SMS, and many more.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Can detect different swim styles.
  • Water resistant.
  • GPS issue.
  • No direct USB charging option.
  • Multitasking apps are not present.
  • Does not track heart rate until switched on.

9. Realme Band


Last but not least the position is occupied by Realme Band. The best fitness tracker watch in India is made from a tough but sturdy silicone strap. The band can be worn for long hours and outside sports as it does not cause any kind of skin irritation.

A 24cm huge LED touch screen makes the display legible and easy to read. The band comes 9 different sports mode like cycling, hiking, gyming, swimming, and many more as per your requirement.

Use it freely for your outdoor activities as the IP68 technology makes the best budget fitness tracker dust, dirt, water, and sweatproof. It can also detect various swimming styles.

The sensors ar4e quite accurate and monitor your heart rate every 5 mins and create alerts if the need arises. Apart from that, it creates sedentary reminders for breaks in between.

Programming algorithms monitor your sleep patterns and give you analyzed reports all the time. Apart from this, it counts your steps, calories burnt and blood pressure, and many more.


  • 10-12 days battery backup.
  • Charging through USB.
  • Alerts and notifications for calls, SMS, and many more.
  • 9 different sports mode.
  • Sensors are quite accurate.
  • Silicone straps are quite durable.
  • Water-resistant.
  • 24*7 monitoring of your heart rate and sleep patterns.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Very accurate track of step count.
  • Calculates calories burnt and many more.
  • Never miss any important notifications.
  • The display does not work properly in bright sunlight.

Buyer’s guide of Best Fitness Tracker in India

Before buying the fitness tracker you should know about the actual objective to buy the tracker.

Do you want the tracker for a health concern?

The person who is going to buy the tracker what is his age and requirement?

Are you buying the tracker for athletes or sportspersons because they do extreme workouts?

Do you do a regular workout or just a beginner?

How do these trackers work?

All the trackers have some inbuilt sensors included in their chip. Theses regularly and accurately monitor your bodily activities.
They connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and regularly monitor your body for heart rate, oxygen level, sleep patterns, and many more.

The fitness trackers include five different types of sensors

1. Accelerometer

To tack the front-back, right-left movement of the body.

2. Heart Rate Monitor

To monitor the activities of the heart.

3. Gyroscope

Your position during cycling, sitting and walking.

4. Magnetometer

Detects the movement of the direction you are moving.

5. Barometer

To measure the height at which you workout along with the number of stairs climbed by you.

Before buying the fitness tracker check which of the above-given sensor is present in your fitness tracker. How accurately, they work together and what level of fitness do they provide

Some desirable features your fitness tracker should include

Before buying the fitness tracker you should check some necessary and desirable features which are a must nowadays in the fitness tracker.

1. Style

A band is worn on your hand 24/7 so it should be stylish enough to look good and add to your style statement.

2. Display

The display screen should be large enough to display all the icons and read all the text visible on the screen.

3. Compatibility

As all the data of the fitness tracker has to be stored on your smartphone, before buying check if the tracker is completely compatible with your latest phone.

4. Accurate

Fitness tracker cannot be completely accurate like humans, but still you should check that they are accurate to some extent.

5. Battery backup

Battery backup should be good as most of the activities drain a lot of energy. Some fitness trackers use coin cell battery and their backup dies soon.

6. Water-Resistant

This is the most desirable character as we tend to wear the band all the time in our wrist and exposure to water may damage the machinery. Before buying make sure that your band is resistant to water and technology used for this application.

Conclusion of Best Fitness Tracker in India 2021

So, we finally conclude our list of Best fitness tracker in India 2021. The list contains information about all the famous brands available in India and the features provided by them.

Before buying the band go through the detailed buyer’s guide given below which help you to make the best selection. Every person has a different budget and different requirements.

Most of the fitness trackers have the same common features like calorie counts, heart rate monitors, and alerts for calls, etc. Apart from this, some bands come with additional features like a water-resistant, free coach, and many more.

We, hope that our buyer’s guide helps you to buy the best fitness tracker.

Please leave your comments if there any other tracker which can be included in this list.

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